Medical Devices

Cochlear Audio Accessory & Cable Switcher 2011

The Cochlear Audio Accessory & Cable Switcher 2011 is a solution for testing the firmware release used in the BTE (Behind the Ear) device. All combinations of accessories with simulated “fumbled insertion”, such as headphones and FM receiver devices (as used in schools etc.) are selectable for detection by the BTE. Additionally, isolated audio test signals can be selected and routed through the unit.

Based on Cochlear’s concept & preliminary requirements, we began the project in late 2010 and were asked to collaborate in the design of a device to achieve their testing and audio quality aims. We worked closely with the Cochlear design team and produced a USB controlled device based on a cross-bar routing switch architecture for audio and power control. We designed the circuit board, CPLD logic, ATMEL firmware, mechanical design and the Python control software system associated with it.

The project took approximately 3 months from initial meeting to delivery of the first units for their in-house testing.


BetaChek G5 Blood Glucose Meter

BCS developed the BetaChek blood glucose meter for National Diagnostic Products. Our involvement not only included the electronic design but also the PC software, device firmware, optics design, algorithm development, liaison with the industrial designer and management of the final device manufacture. This project took under a year from start to product release.

Apart from the Australian Design Award of the Year, BCS was also awarded the PowerHouse Museum Selection Award for the electronics and software development of this product.

The strip bio-chemistry was developed by NDP.


TruScan Cancer Probe

The TruScan is a portable system used to directly identify cancer or pre-cancerous cells in cervical tissue. This device provides a beneficial alternative to the traditional Pap smear diagnostic method.

TruScan detects the presence of cancer and pre-cancer by measuring the tissue’s response to optical and electrical stimulation. BCS was involved in creating a DSP bio-sensor for the system.


Nanosonics Ultrasound Probe Disinfector

The Nanosonics Ultrasound Probe Disinfector is a one-stop solution for the disinfection of surface and intra-cavity ultrasound probes.

This device features a very simple operating procedure and high-level disinfection is achieved in six minutes. The fully automated Ultrasound Probe Disinfector suits all practices from small examination rooms to large centralised cleaning centres. Live status information, including the result of each disinfection cycle, is displayed on-screen. There is no exposure to harmful chemicals and the only by-products are water and oxygen, making it environmentally friendly.

Based on Nanosonics’ detailed specifications, BCS developed the embedded firmware and support software for this device in compliance with IEC62304, one of the most stringent software standards.


Cochlear Coil & Cable Accessory Tester

Cochlear’s Coil & Cable Tester was designed by BCS and is used as an aid to clinicians in the field.

More than a simple test device, the C&CT uses RF energy to characterise and classify the numerous implant telemetry coils and cables according to Cochlear’s exacting inbound test specifications.


Cochlear Nucleus Freedom Closed Test System

BCS was responsible for developing the closed test systems required for validating the operation of all of Cochlear’s new SP12 bionic hearing systems.

BCS staff worked closely with the Cochlear cutting edge design team to complete the project ahead of time.

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